Servet Feeds & Minerals Pvt. Ltd.

Providing an excellent source of vitamins, mineral premixes & feed additives for an optimized farm production.



About Us

The Poultry industry of late, has become fiercely competitive and highly complex. On one hand the costs of inputs are going up steadily making it difficult for the suppliers to hold the price line. And on the other hand the prices of final products are ever getting lower because of increased production and seasonality of consumption. The farmers has to decide between economics and quality of inputs. Most companies tend to compromise on quality to give competitive prices. Very few companies such as Servet strive to provide both – quality and economy.

Servet feeds and minerals take great pride in its achievement of completion of nearly 28 years of glorious service to farmers. In all these years we have built our goodwill through excellent service, superior product quality and most economic prices. Our customer friends in turn have reposed their total trust and confidence in us.

Today Servet offers a wide variety of products to meet all your requirements at affordable prices in shortest time and at place closest you.

We take pleasure to bring out this brochure which contains all our products range with technical information. We trust this would help you in selecting right product for right need. We of course, are as always available at your call should you ever need us.