Servet Feeds & Minerals Pvt. Ltd.

Providing an excellent source of vitamins, mineral premixes & feed additives for an optimized farm production.


Poultry serves as an excellent source of nutritious food and of late, poultry research has made significant contributions to our understanding of many basic principles of biology. Advances in human nutrition, genetics, immunology, biotechnology, and health have been made possible by the use of avian models. For example, many of our human vaccines were developed in chick/duck embryo systems. Either as a source of protein or as a research or human biomedical model, poultry serves as a valuable contributor to human well-being.

Servet provides high quality mineral and vitamin supplements for poultry. Our products are designed to improve animal digestion and increase the amount of nutrients in animal feed. Thereby benefiting proper metabolism & protein synthesis, faster weight gain, healthy growth, improved hatchability & production and resistance to diseases. If you are looking for increased animal health and better productivity, nutrient feed additives from Servet can help.