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Poultry - Mineral Premixes - Trace Rich

Trace rich is specially blended, microfined, free flowing and silica based Trace mineral concentrade.

Manganese 108 gms
Zinc 104 gms
Iron 40 gms
Iodine 4 gms
Copper 4 gms
Cobalt 2 gms
Selenium 200 ppm


  • Trace rich well balanced and rich in trace minerals.
  • Trace rich improves proper nervous system and amino acid metabolism
  • Trace rich acts as an antifungal agent
  • Trace rich helps in proper blood formation, bone formation, and feather development
  • Trace rich helps in formation of prothrombin and clotting response from Vitamin ‘K’ increased.
  • Trace rich prevents anaemia, perosis (leg weakness) and poor feathering
  • Trace rich accelerates growth rate and optimizes production levels.
  • Trace rich prevents thin shelled eggs and improves egg shell quality
  • Selenium is an essential element as an antioxidant to protect immune cells from free radicals.
  • Selnium significantly increases hatchability, and egg production.
  • Selnium is closely related to Vitamin ‘K’ and ‘C’ and other antioxidants in preventing nutritional disorders.

DOSAGE :          
500 gms  /  ton of Feed


10 Kg paper bag