Servet Feeds & Minerals Pvt. Ltd.

Providing an excellent source of vitamins, mineral premixes & feed additives for an optimized farm production.


Aqua culture is continuously affected by environmental fluctuations, undernourishment and poor water quality. Managing pond ecology is the most critical aspect of aqua farming and requires considerable expertise.

Aqua farming need clean water since fish/prawns are highly sensitive to changes in water quality. Aqua diseases constitute one of the most important problems and challenges confronting Aqua culturists.

The diseases do not occur as a single caused event but are the end result of interactions of the disease, the fish/prawn and the environment. To be successful, a aqua culturist requires an understanding of pond ecology, biology and water quality dynamics.

Servet feeds helps reduce diseases to increase hatchery efficiency and production, which in turn, reduces costs and increases profit.