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Aqua - Rich Oxygen (Oxygen Enhancer)

Rich - Oxygen contains Calcium Peroxide which enhances oxygen availability in the water. Increased oxygen availability is an extremely important factor in Aqua Culture as oxygen is a key ingredient that impacts growth and weight of Prawn/Fish and consequently the yield per acre.

Calcium Peroxide (CaO2) .


  • Rich - Oxygen application ensures enhanced oxygen availability in cloudy weather and rainy season.
  • Rich - Oxygen liberates effective oxygen volume of as much as  50,000 ml/kg of CaO2.
  • Rich - Oxygen also helps in the growth of aerobic bacteria that decompose the harmful organic wastes.
  • Rich - Oxygen thus, on one hand ensures better growth by better oxygen availability all through the life cycle and on the other hand curtails the harmful effects of aerobic bacteria that grows at the bottom of the pond.

1. Prawn/Shrimp pond 500 gms to 1 kg per acre.
2. Fish pond 2 to 3 kg per acre.
or as recommended by your aqua consultant.

1 kg poly container.