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Aqua - Bio - Rich (Plankton)

Multi micronutrient mixture for Plankton growth in Aqua Culture.

Composition Contains essential micronutrients like Mn, An, Cu, Fe, Bo, Co, K, Mg, Ca & P and others in a scientifically balanced ratio.


  • Bio - Rich is a specially formulated multi macro & micro nutrients which improve natural Zoo - Plankton & Phyto - Plankton development in Aqua and Fish ponds.
  • Bio - Rich improves Plankton growth with in a day and shades the pond (changes the color of water) and prevents the growth of harmful benthic algae.
  • Bio - Rich also improves Dissolved Oxygen and regulates pH in the pond.
  • Bio - Rich sustains the Plankton longer, saving the cost while providing benefit

First application 25 kg per acre. Second application 15 kg per acre. After 10 days of earlier application or as recommended by your aqua consultant.

25 kg HDPE bags.