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Aqua - Protien Gel (Feed Binding Agent)

Unique feed binding agent for use along with pellet feeds in Aqua culture.

Composition :-

Concentrated protein based gel with feed attractants and growth promoters.


  • Acts as a base for administering powder formulation to Prawns / Shrimps & Fishes.
  • Aquarish – Gel is a smooth Gel with a firm grip and does not dissolve easily when added to water
  • Aquarich – Gel does not allow the formulation to disperse in water.
  • Aquarich – Gel is very easy to use does not change even in verying salinities, temperature and PH.
  • Aquarich – Gel is an excellent binding agent.
  • Aquarich – for efficiency in feed conversion ratio.
  • Aquarich – Gel to prevent stress and disease in Aqua culture.
  • Aquarich – Gel has attractive taste flavor and palatability, so that the pelted feed can

Applied on feed pellets along with feed additives.
PACKING :-    1Kg, 5 Kg & 35 Kg.

Application :-
Take the required quantities of Aquarich – Gel and mix it with any powder formulation.  Apply this Gel on feed pellets.