Servet Feeds & Minerals Pvt. Ltd.

Providing an excellent source of vitamins, mineral premixes & feed additives for an optimized farm production.

Aqua - Rich Min (Fish Menaral feed Supliment)


Calcium 24% Vitamin - A 8,00,000 I.U
Phosphorous 12 % Vitamin - D3 1,60,000 I.U
Zinc 9900 mg Vitamin - K 50 mg
Cobalt 150 mg Vitamin – E 250mg
Copper 1200 mg Vitamin - C 2500mg
Iodine 325 Mg Choline Chloride 25,000mg
Iron 5000 mg Nicotinamide 100mg
Magnesium 6000 mg Vitamin – BI (Thiamine) 1500mg
Potassium 100 mg Vitamin – H (Biotin) 200mg
Selenium 10mg Niacin 15,000mg
Sodium 5.9 mg Folic Acid 75mg
Sulpur 0.92%    
Manganese 1500 mg    
AMINO – ACIDS Fortified with Probiotics
DL – Methionine 2000 mg Lactobacillus Sp. 1.5 X 10 9 CFU
L – Lysine 5000 mg Live Yeast 3000 Millions CFU


  • Better growth and weight gain helps in early crop yield.
  • Lactobacillus spores produces enzymes which helps in the digestion of protein, fats and carbohydrates
  • Lactobacillus spores helps in Eastogens production and B – Complex Vitamins and Vitamin –K
  • Lactobacillus spores stimulates antibody production, thus improves immunity.
  • RICHMIN gives superior quality Di – calcium phosphate which helps skeleton formation.
  • RICHMIN provides mircofined trace minerals which helps in proper digestion, metabolism and haemoglobin formation.
  • Selenium improves sperm motility, immunity, improves flesh color and texture.
  • RICHMIN gives essential amino – acids to overcome nutritional disorders.

10 Kg to 20 Kg RICHMIN in ton of Feed