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Poultry - General Products - Phytase (2500 IU)

Lumiphytase is a phytase enzyme produced from submerged fermentation. Lumiphytase degrades phytates in poultry feed ingredients and improves the Availability of phosphorous in chickens. Most of the phosphorous contained In,typical feed stuff exists as Phytate or Phytic acid. This phytate can only be Broken, down by Lumiphytase which are not present in the digestive tract of poultry and swine.

Optimize the use of conventional and non – conventional feed ingredients.Improves the feed conversion ratio and shell strength .
Increased weight gain in Broilers and better egg production in Layers & Bree ders.
Improves litter quality and dropping consistency leading to cleaner eggs, Reduce the level of DCP in the feed.

Physical Properties :

Form : Powder
Dosage  :

200-250g/ton of feed

Stability  :

Withstand pelleting temp without Significant loss in activity

Color : off – white Powder
Biodegradability :


Usage :  

Directly add in the feed and well mixed
Storage :          
Store and protect from sunlight

Enzyme Specification :

Activity of Phytase  :  2500 Unit per Grm,             5000 Units pergram

Package :

Available in 25 – 30 Kg fibre drums