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Poultry - Vitamin Premixes - Sermix Plus

Multi – vitamin feed premix for poultry :

Today, modern Poultry faces a number of health problems widespread, However, the main reason for all this can be attributed to lack of immunity in birds. Immunity can be defined as the resistance of the body against various infections.
Recent studies in various parts of the world have shown that Vitamins play a major role in enhancing immune responses.
SERMIX PLUS is the right product to improve immunity in the birds as it is unique blend of VITAMINS and a natural immunity improver SPIRULINA.


What is SPIRULINA  ?
Spirulina is blue green algae and a natural food dramatically strengthens the immune system of the bird.


Spirulina contain :
All 60 % vegetable protein, antioxidant beta- carotene, Iron , Vitamin B12 and the rate  rare Gamma – Linolenic Acid. Its dark green color comes from the combination of phytonutrients carotin (sugar molecule), chlorophyll and phycocyanin (blue pigment found only in blue green algae), It is nothing but a source of polysaccharides and sulfoglycolipids.


Advantages of SPIRULINA :

  • Strengthens the immune system of bird to prevent diseases.
  • Spirulina fed birds are more resistant to infection.
  • Easy to digest with the highest food concentration.
  • Improves T – cells percentage (infection fighting cells ) in the body.
  • Spirulina acts like a broad spectrum vaccine against bacteria.
  • It improves macrophages (boost cells ), antibody and thymus function.
  • It improves the first line of body defence to fight against infections.

Advantages of SERMIX PLUS :

  • SERMIX PLUS provide vitamins at the level that are required for modern poultry.
  • SERMIX PLUS protect birds against adverse environmental conditions.
  • SERMIX PLUS improves egg production
  • SERMIX PLUS is well balanced vitamins premix.
  • SERMIX PLUS strengthens the immune system to prevent diseases.
  • SERMIX PLUS rectifies all nutritional imbalance in all age birds.
  • SERMIX PLUS prevents stress during outbrakes.
  • Vitamins – C acts like an antistress agent and improves egg shell quality
  • Spirulina fed birds are much more resistant to infection.
  • No need to use any B – Complex, B12, and Vitamins – K separately in the feed again.

COMPOSITION  :  Each 250 gms contains  :

Vitamins   A 1,00,00,000 I U Vitamin  E 8,000 mg
Vitamin    D3 25,00,000 I U Vitamin  K 1,500 mg
Vitamin    B1 800 mg Vitamin  C

800 mg

Vitamin    B2 6,000 mg Vitamin  B12 20,500 mcg
Vitamin    B3 12,000 mg Folic Acid

800 mg

Vitamin    B5 8,000 mg



Vitamin    B6 1,600 mg




Layers :250 gms per ton of feed.
Broilers: 500 gms per ton of feed

250 gms pouch